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Caring for a special needs child presents a unique challenge for families at any age, but even more so as they transition into adulthood. Just as there is no training manual for parenting, there isn’t one for navigating the twists and turns that come with transitioning a developmentally or physically disabled ‘kid’ into a more independent, or financially stable, stage of life.

At 4 Care Life Services, we understand that getting through the day-to-day makes it difficult to think strategically about ‘the future,’ and the challenges families and their special ‘kids’ face when a thoughtful long-term plan has not been established. Our mission to do the thinking for you while being sensitive to your family’s unique circumstances. Not only do we want to help secure your child’s long-term financial, legal and medical security, we strive to form a lasting partnership based on trust and integrity. After all, nobody knows your family, or your child, better than you.


Special needs individuals (those who require assistance for medical, mental, or psychological disabilities) present a lifetime of physical, emotional, and social challenges. Providing long-term, quality care and ensuring financial stability can be challenging for families, especially as parents age. Siblings are often left with the responsibility of caring for their brother or sister with inadequate guidance.


At 4 Life Care Services, our goal is to help families obtain the services they need while managing the overall care of their child’s or sibling’s special needs. Our experience and relationships afford them better access to services, because we can accurately evaluate and recommend resources, oversee service quality, report to the trust department about their status, and help them achieve the best quality of life possible.

What We Offer

Parents of children with special needs are faced with daily challenges, often forcing a take-it-one-day-at-a-time approach. While this can be a rewarding strategy in the short-term, the reality is, eventually, parents will pass on and another family member will need to step into their role. A current and comprehensive durable financial and legal plan is critical for the entire family and can keep stress to a minimum while dealing with the other myriad of issues that arise when caring for individuals with special or aging needs.

Our mission is to help developmentally or physically disabled adults and their families attain a high quality of life and peace of mind by addressing long-term physical, emotional, and social needs and ensuring financial, legal and medical security.

Why Choose Us?

15 Years Experience

The owners of the company have had 15 years of experience dealing with this population.

Advanced Degrees

The owners hold advanced degrees in counseling psychology and are skilled in putting together a team.

Experienced Staff

All of our staff including social workers and nurses have quality work experience in this field.

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