4 Life Care Services

At 4 Life Care, our goal, each day, is to provide compassionate care for families navigating the many decisions and emotions that come with transitioning a special needs child into adulthood. Our collective experience has given us meaningful insight into the types of services families, and their children, need regarding education, finance, health and emotional support. We help find and evaluate programs and service providers, arrange travel when necessary, work with financial planners to ensure lifelong security, and we maintain relationships with medical/psychological personnel—all critical areas of support. The range of care varies, as each of our client’s circumstances are unique. And for those without any, we become their family. No one should travel down this path alone. Our promise is to be there every step of the way. 


At 4 Life Care Services, our job is to help families outline and navigate long-term planning for their special needs children and to offer emotional and logistical support in managing overall care. Our experience and relationships enables us to assist with accessing services, reviewing and recommending resources, overseeing service quality, reporting to the trust department about their status, and helping them achieve the best quality of life possible. We offer peace of mind by providing families with a comprehensive evaluation of resources and available financial solutions.

Our entire staff, along with our partners in the legal and financial industries, understand that caring for a special needs child presents a unique challenge for families, particularly as they begin the transition from school into adulthood and into an uncertain future. The anxiety parents feel over this unknown can be overcome by setting up a Special Needs Trust and establishing short, intermediate and long-term goals that will protect your child and ensure qualification for government benefits. By thinking ahead about how you would finance long-term care and whether you have any specific wishes that should be documented and discussed with your family members, families can eliminate or minimize these concerns.

4 Life Care Services was founded in August 2015, at a time when its parent company, Complete Care Strategies, was expanding in every direction to better accommodate the growing needs of both younger, special needs clients and the legal, financial and medical professionals serving them. A logical direction for partners Beverly B. Joie and Dolores T. Magid, 4 Care Life Services provides comprehensive care management, legal guardianships, life care planning and support for families and professionals dealing with the special and chronic health needs population.



CEO, Complete Care Strategies & 4 Life Care Services


A Registered Nurse with more than 20 years of experience, Rebecca has worked with patients who range in age from neonates to geriatrics. Rebecca holds a bachelor’s degree in nursing from Temple University, is a Certified Emergency Room Nurse, and a Certified Care Manager. She has been involved in many programs, including creating bereavement services at hospitals and co-chairing the 2022 Mid-Atlantic Aging Life Care Association Conference in Philadelphia. Rebecca has worked tirelessly to collaborate with clients and families to navigate complex medical and emotional situations. As a skilled and reliable practitioner, Rebecca creates a compassionate care environment and is dedicated to improving the quality of life for her clients and their families while maintaining their safety, comfort, and dignity.